29 Jul 2013

Driving traffic to your site through promo pens

It seems as though more and more people are shopping online and buying products and services via the internet before venturing out into the local shops. It almost feels like you are getting a better deal online because you can compare costs across the different retailers and purchase something that you know you are getting a good deal on (which in turn creates the feel good factor!) One day high street shops may not exist although I hope this is not the case, as there is something nice about looking around the shops on a Saturday afternoon! It is a fact that company websites (and websites in general) are becoming like shop windows. If people like the look of your website, they will enter the site and hopefully purchase something. So it’s no wonder people are spending £100’s to drive more traffic into their sites through any means possible because the more customers you have, the more sales and profit you will make. The obvious option would be to employ an agency to help you to create creative email newsletters, e-shots, write blogs and post your company successfully on social network accounts but in the current climate many companies just do not have the finances to do this. There are however other ways you can draw attention to your brand and your website.

A great way to drive traffic to your website is to invest in promotional giveaways because let’s face it everyone loves a freebie. I don’t know of many people that would resist something that is given to them free of charge. You could giveaway promotional pens for example – printed with your company name and website. This would then prompt people to look up your website and see what you have to offer. People then are likely buy from your website or save it in their favourites to refer to at a later date. The promotional pen is a great marketing tool because pens are so widely used and they travel vast distances through being borrowed, lost and kept! They also serve as great reminders as they casually lie on the desk gently reminding their owners of the company they are representing!

Companies such as promotionalproducts.co.uk offer a huge selection of promotional pens which can all be customised with your website. You can even create your design online and upload it instantly to see what it would look like on your chosen pen, giving you an accurate insight into what your final product will look like. It’s simple, quick and fun and the final outcome will hopefully drive traffic to your website.

22 Jul 2013

Budget ideas to raise company awareness

People are saying that this era is the time to start a new business as there has never been a cheaper time to advertise and optimise your marketing objectives. It appears that it is cheaper than ever before for you to get your name out there and get noticed! Even companies with small budgets are managing successfully to rapidly raise brand awareness and create a buzz around their products and services. The key to success is to be creative and clever with your branding and do your homework before you launch your campaign! You need to be on the ball and do a bit of research to find out the best low cost marketing opportunities. Here are just a few suggestions.

Think about becoming familiar will social network sites, the obvious ones being Facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram and google+. They are fantastic ways to raise brand awareness for next to nothing. Connecting with these sites can help you connect and interact successfully with customers, build relationships with clients and most importantly increase brand awareness. Admittedly it takes time and effort to build up your profile but at the end of the day the rewards outweigh everything! They are a modern way to connect with your target audience.

The other obvious way to raise company awareness is to optimize your search engine traffic. This may cost you a little more than the other suggestions in this article but the internet and websites are certainly the way forward. If you get this area sorted now, it will be just a case of maintaining and updating. You will quickly become a respected and well established internet company within no time. The best way to do this is to get the advice of a professional. Go to a company that specialises in SEO and ask them to analyse your site and suggest a few recommendations. Or... you could go on a course yourself and learn the basics.

Low cost promotional products are another great way to raise brand awareness. They reach out to all your customers whether they have the internet or not and the massive advantage with promotional items is that they are tangible! There is such a choice to choose from as well. Printed mugs, personalised pens, keyrings, mousemats even umbrellas, all of which can be printed with your company details at a very affordable cost.

Finally, my last point is based around offering incentives to customers who send referrals. You need to give your customer a reason to tell other people about your company. Word of mouth is priceless and a superb way to build a good reputation and gain more customers. Offering existing customers a small reward for doing this is a great way to stand out in the crowd when you’re on a budget!

So there you are... you don’t need to spend much to make a difference!

15 Jul 2013

Promotional Pens, still the number one choice

There is no doubt about it printed pens are the best selling product in the market and are still the number one choice for many companies... and to be honest there is no surprise why! Pens are amongst the earliest and most efficient forms of advertising and always rank high where brand awareness is concerned. They range from the classic low cost giveaway to the executive style promotional gift... both are successful ways to remind people who you are and what your company does. It also gives potential and existing clients the opportunity to see your company logo and contact details on a daily basis. There is always a pen to fit your budget, personal style and business.

Printed pens boast many advantages. Firstly they help you to create a positive brand image and they are a great goodwill gesture for your clients. Let’s face it – everyone likes to receive something for free and if it is something useful then all the better. The great thing about promotional pens is that they are very cost effective - which is a phrase that is always good to hear. People think they are receiving a higher perceived value gift then they actually are which does you many favours. Secondly, they reach out to a wide range of audiences. It seems that everyone uses pens no matter what age they are, what job they do or their social standing in society. The pen is a product used by all – no matter who you are. The biggest advantage of these promotional items is that they look superb when printed with a company name or logo. The company brand can be printed on the barrel for maximum exposure and all sorts of other extra pieces of information can be included... phone numbers, websites, even a controversial statement.

Companies such as promotionalproducts.co.uk offer a wide selection of promotional pens which suit any event and occasion. They also provide continual customer support in case you need to ask questions about how to effectively design and position your logo and contact details. Promotional pens are the Andy Murray of Wimbledon in the marketing industry! Champions!

10 Jul 2013

How charities can increase profitability through fundraising.

Without charities in our lifetime the world would certainly be a difference place - and in my eyes not a better one. Sometimes you need to give something back and it certainly feels good to do so. With so many needy causes, there are many non – profit organisations which help to try to combat poverty, cruelty, illness and research around the world however, they do all rely on public donations, enthusiastic volunteers and successful fundraising campaigns. It’s important to get these right in the first place to enable successful charities to make as much money as possible for the cause. They certainly provide a unique role in the community they serve.

When considering and planning a fundraising event it is important to look at the figures and make sure they are water tight. You need to think about what will raise great funds, awareness and what will leave a long lasting impression when the event is over. Creative fundraising seems to be the key! You need to set yourself apart from the other charities so that people decide to give their hard earned cash to you and not anyone else – although this does sound harsh when we are talking about people in need. Comic relief is a great example of creative fundraising and they raise millions every year! Yes... they do have the capital in the first place but perhaps you need to invest first to create the rewards! Example of creative fundraising include celebrity appearances at events so that more people are encouraged to come – and you never know they may do it for nothing considering it’s for a good cause!

Promotional products are also a great way to increase profitability through fundraising and they are a cheaper option then perhaps an organised celebrity event. Investing in some quirky giveaways such as printed bugs are a great way to raise money and awareness and they cost so little in the first place, they are a no brainer. They are also fun and appropriate for both children and adults and because they are sticky, they literally hang about raising awareness for months to come after the event is over. If this is something you are considering you should take a look at promotionalproducts.co.uk for some helpful tips and ideas.

The more diverse and different the fundraising event you plan, the more profit you will make. You need to make yourself unique and distinct from others so that people look forward to attending and are more willing to give to a worthy cause. Items such as promotional pens have proven a great value investment. Cow pat lottery (dividing a field in to a grid and allowing a cow to graze and then respond to natures call) is a great country style event that raises money for charities and is still fun and exciting for all taking part.

Fundraising is a fun way to raise profits and if it’s done correctly you will reap the rewards!