22 Oct 2013

Printed Giveaway Ideas for your business

Some people come up with some funny ideas to promote their company and make money. Take the example of a restaurant newly opened in America which is theme around loo’s – Yes... no joke I’m talking about toilets! Seriously... would you eat on the loo, or how about eating out of one? This weird eatery boasts having toilets instead of chairs and food that is served out of mini urinals. I just can’t get my head round it, there must be a better way to make money and who for goodness sake would eat there? Perhaps not a first choice for a date night! The owner excitedly admits that he stole the idea for the themed restaurant after seeing them in Taiwan! Each to their own I guess...good luck!

There are however better ways to promote your company and draw attention to who you are and what you do. Printed giveaways are the perfect solution especially if you are on a tight budget as they always leave a long lasting impression after the event has happened or they have been given to the potential or existing customer. They are a popular avenue to go down and a whole array of businesses use them around the world. If you look around yourself now, you are bound to spot a promotional pen, a printed mug, a personalised key ring or a branded T shirt nearby. This just really supports the success that they provide and shows you how worthwhile they really are!

There are so many advantages where promotional products are concerned. The psychology behind promotional giveaways is quite interesting. Some studies have shown that promotional products are successful because they provide the recipient with a warm feeling towards the ‘giver.’ The recipient appreciates they are getting something for free which has been thought about and deliberated upon. This builds good future relationships and encourages people to use certain companies again and again.

Reason number two is the fact that promotional giveaways leave a ‘footprint in the sand’ with regards to your company name and brand. Promotional products leave a long lasting impression ‘ a foot print’ on the minds of the recipient. They help people to remember who you are long after the event has passed – which can only be a good thing! It might sound airy fairy but its true and many people swear by it.

With so many promotional products to choose from, there is a product for every event. Companies such as www.promotionalproducts.co.uk offer a wide range of merchandise and are always at hand to offer tips and advice.

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