29 Nov 2013

Promoting your company on a budget

When the word ‘advertising’ is mentioned, people always automatically think it’s going to cost them a fortune and that successful promotion only happens when you are a big corporation with lots of disposable cash. This is clearly not the case. The majority of businesses are on a shoe string budget and managers are constantly under pressure to spend less but get the results as soon possible. There seems to be many advertising tips out there but you need to make sure you are getting the most exposure for the money you are spending...or else it really is a waste of money and time! There are a few ways you can advertise without spending a penny. Here are a few suggestions:

Firstly get on top of your social networking schedule. This new age method of advertising is great and its FREE - a word that doesn’t come that easily now a days! It’s astonishing how many people use sites such as facebook, twitter, YouTube, MySpace and blogging websites to promote their products and services. Not only do they reach out to a wide audience, they also show that your company is bang on trend. You need to make sure whatever you are posting is interesting and thought provoking or else you won’t get a look in. People are also able to have 24 access to these sites as so many people’s phones are their life and people carry them round with them constantly, utilising their Apps.

Second on the list is word of mouth. This can take a while to build up – but once you are there it is so worth it in the end. There is nothing better than searching for something that you really want and then someone recommending a company that they have used and have been happy with. This not only builds confidence but it also puts trust in your company. Word of mouth can also work in the way of creating a buzz around your product or service and getting people interested that way. You could offer a free product to a new customer as a way of getting people talking. You could also consider coming up with an intriguing slogan or tag line that will get people talking about the creative side of your business.

No matter what your business is, advertising always plays a crucial role and if you have a small budget to spend then you may want to consider the use of promotional products. Companies such as www.promotionalproducts.co.uk offer a wide selection of low cost printed products that can be personalised and easily distributed to a whole range of different audiences. You can pick from promotional pens, printed mugs, keyrings, embroidered caps, umbrellas and much, much more! Have a look for yourself and see today!

27 Nov 2013

Small companies increasing sales through promotional pens

Any business that wants to succeed will constantly look into ways to increase their sales and profit because let’s face it, if you are not there to make money then what’s the point! How to market effectively is definitely one of the biggest challenges faced by both small and large business in this day and age. It seems increasingly difficult to come up with unique and new ideas because a lot of it has been done and seen before. That’s not to say though, that it won’t work for your business. If we lived in a world where only original ideas worked we would be out of business within weeks. Sometimes you just need to research the most effective methods and adapt and apply them to your business and add the occasional tweak to make them a bit more interesting!

A good marketing strategy is a highly desirable tool for any business and one that companies strive after year after year. In order to be successful, it is essential for people to know about your brand, product or service and understand what you offer. There are many ways you can do this and some are more successful than others. There are many effective strategies that small businesses can utilise to make a BIG difference. The following suggestions help to improve the visibility of your business and reach out to your target audience which in turn will hopefully increase sales... First you need to make sure your website is up to scratch. If it is outdated and not user friendly you need to change it ASAP! This is a reflection of your company and I doubt you want to portray this image. An attractive website can make your business look professional and appealing. You do need to make sure that it is easy to navigate around and easy to find. Nowadays you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a good looking website. Many companies offer readymade website templates which you can personalise and tailor to your industry.

Secondly, you could offer some discounts and deals to initially ‘bait’ your customers. People love to think they are getting a bargain or a deal- so this is a great way to reel them in. You can offer these deals on social media outlets to get maximum exposure and traffic towards your website which can hopefully help to upgrade your website to a higher position on page lists on google. This is a great way to get better coverage for your business.

Finally, you could offer a free gift for signing up to a press release, an email subscription or even just giving your company certain contact details. Gaining knowledge of peoples email addresses, postal addresses, telephone numbers, names of people in the PR dept are all highly valuable pieces of information that can offer further business. Let’s not forget that this is what people pay for when buying a business. A promotional pen is the perfect way to increase sales for a small business. Promotional pens are low cost, can be sent in the post at no extra cost and can be personalised with anything that you like. The most common design is a company name, logo and contact details. Pens are so effective because they create maximum brand exposure and reach out to people that you may think are too hard to get hold of. They also come in a wide range of colours, styles and materials making then very flexible for all sorts of marketing campaigns. Take a look at www.promotionalproducts.co.uk for some superb examples.

There are many different ways to generate more business and sales, but no one said it was going to be easy! Perseverance, determination and patience are key!

20 Nov 2013

Printed pens generate new business

Excellent customer relationships are a key aspect of any business because if you don’t have that vital element then you base your future profits on ‘one off’ buyers which isn’t all that sustainable when investigated closer. People that are happy with the service that you provide and enjoy working with you as a personal are much more likely to come back for repeat service in the foreseeable future. Many companies have looked at different ways to try to keep existing customers yet at the same time attract potential customers and this can be quite a challenging task! It’s safe to say that the business world is a competitive place and if you want to enhance customer relations, then the use of promotional pens is worth considering.

Promotional pens are a great way of keeping in touch with your customers and at the same time giving them something which they can use on a daily basis. They are also a great avenue to help companies develop new business leads. Think about the success of promotional pens... they are given to one person who then lends it to another and passes it on. Suddenly your company name is being stretched along a variety of different customers groups without you even spending a single extra penny and your brand is becoming more and more familiar. You are instantly reaching out to people you thought were maybe difficult to reach! The great thing about printed pens is that they are an item that lots of different people use regardless of their age, gender or interests. Most people need to use a pen at some point in their daily lives and if your name is imprinted on the barrel – even better... you are killing two birds with one stone.

If you decide to give away promotional pens this also puts you in front of your competitors. The customer then has the option of choosing between your business and your rivals and if you have added that personal touch of giving away a quality promotional pen, then odd on, you will be victorious. I think it is important to note that careful consideration is given towards the pen gift. You want to offer your potential client something which is unique and attractive and of course will have a big impact on your client. It is safe to say that the pen needs to be of good quality in order to make a good impression and to help build good customer relations.

Companies such as www.promotionalproducts.co.uk offer a wide range of promotional pens all of which can be customised with your company name, logo and contact details. For more information visit their website.

11 Nov 2013

Top 3 promotional items

Tradeshows are funny places! It sometimes feels surreal, as though you are swimming through a sea of well dressed slick salesmen, elaborate display booths, demonstrations left, right and centre and swarm of printed promotional giveaways. It can be over whelming at times and can also be hard to remember what companies you were impressed with and which ones you weren’t that fussed by, by the time you leave the premises at the end of the day. Everyone is on their best behaviour and in their most aggressive selling mode, trying to sell the dream of their company and how great they are! They really are something that everyone should experience just once in their life!

Depending on the industry driven event, different promotional products are always given away as freebies and it has become one of the perks of visiting the shows. Companies invest lots of time and money into determining which promotional product they will give out to potential customers and clients in a bid to stand out in the crowd in a place where rivalry is rampant. There are a couple of common factors that most companies focus on, however these are never set in stone and to be honest... what works at one show may not work so well at another. Generally people tend to print on products that are lightweight and easy to transport, that boast a large print area for maximum exposure and normally choose a practical product that can be used on a regular basis so that your brand can be seen continually after the event has taken place. Obviously cost is another factor that is of high importance and one that decides which product you go for in the end!

There are a couple of promotional products that are the perfect items for tradeshows and events and i have decided to share the top three most popular items:

Firstly, is the classic promotional pen. You can’t go wrong with this reliable and trustworthy effective marketing tool. Promotional pens have been around for decades and this is simply due to their success at events such as tradeshows, exhibitions, product launches, seminars and corporate events. The main advantage with these promotional items is that they range in price from low cost to executive, they are lightweight in nature and they look fantastic when customised with a company name and logo. They really do raise brand awareness and make people take notice. The other major advantage is the fact that pens are an item that are used on a regular basis, so people of all walks of life will see your logo regularly!

Second on the list are eco friendly printed items. This type of promotional merchandise has many forms and can range from printed caps, to bags, to pens, to mugs to T shirts, practically anything they you choose to print on! Saving the planet is the boat that every contemporary company is trying to clamber on to as this really does say something about the status of your company. People like to think they are buying from a company that cares about the environment. Companies such as www.promotionalproducts.co.uk offer a wide selection of eco friendly products and ones that you wouldn’t have even thought of before! Take a look at their website and see for yourself!

Finally on the list is printed trolley coins. People can use these when they visit their local gym or supermarket and can be instantly reminded about who you are and what you do. They also leave a long lasting impression in the way that they are used after the tradeshow has taken place. They are a nice change as not many companies use them so they will make your company stand out in the crowd!