15 Oct 2013

Entice customers with Promotional Giveaways

The goals of most established companies is growth and expansion and of course as much profit as possible! Companies spend thousands of pounds each year on a mission to achieve this and maintain a stable customer base. Numerous strategies are brainstormed and employed to help entice new customers and maintain existing ones. Heavy advertising ventures are untaken including TV and radio campaigns, social media advertising, billboards and the investment into promotional giveaways, gifts and products.

Promotional giveaways are a great way to introduce new customers to your brand and help them to become familiar with who you are. Let’s face it everyone like to receive something for free and if they can use it over and over again even better! The great thing about promotional products is that they clearly advertise your company name and logo and reach out to a wide audience. It’s a known fact that if a person is familiar with your brand they are more likely to buy from you – so promotional products are a sure bet. Promotional giveaways can also be used at product launches, tradeshows and events, seminars – you also see them all around you in everyday life such as in banks, petrol stations and general retail stores.

Printed pens are a great place to start and they can do wonders for your sales! Pens have changed so much over the years... it’s funny to think that they started with a feather and a pot of ink! Now we are all constantly exposed to multi-function pens, different colours, shapes styles and materials. You can now get funky pens, metal pens, plastic pens, neon pens, highlighters and felt tips, all of which can be branded with your company logo as a constant reminder of who you are and what you do. Pens are low lost and they can be distributed easily due to their lightweight nature. They can also be printed in up to four colours (depending on the pen) and some can even be digitally printed! Companies such as www.promotionalproducts.co.uk offer a huge selection of promotional pens and offer you the opportunity to upload your logo and design online and see what it looks like before you decide to go to print. Once uploaded you can then adjust, reposition and change the colour. It’s really that simple!

Another way to entice your customers into your brand is to offer them special deals and offers. Perhaps buy one get one free, 10% off your next purchase or free delivery. These are all methods and techniques that work and help you to attract more customers because let’s face it – you are always up against tough competition no matter what industry you are in.

Once a customer has had a positive experience with your company – they are very likely to come back for future purchases, so it’s worth getting it right in the first place.

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