30 Sep 2013

Top 5 styles of bags

When thinking about printed bags, my mind immediately reverts to the plastic bags you get at the supermarket. But nowadays these are the very tip of the iceberg where promotional printed bags are concerned. Nowadays its seems that every type of person (male, female, child, adult) is using bags whether it be a classic handbag, a duffle bag, a backpack or a laptop bag. It seems to me that they are an everyday essential and this is what makes them such an effective promotional gift. Not only are bags extremely useful and practical, they are also a great way to raise brand awareness and a secure way to get your company name out very large format on the front / side / rear or strap of the product and it will certainly be seen from a far.

So what are the top five styles of bags for this year? One of the most popular choices of bags for promotions this year has been the classic printed duffle bag. They are a great asset to trade shows and exhibitions and are VERY affordable if you are on a budget. They can be used to put your gym kit in, to carry a few bits and pieces into the office when you’re cycling in, in the morning or you can simply put your keys and wallet it it to keep them safe. They are suitable for both women and children and more and more schools are using them as giveaways at fundraising events. They can also come with an assortment of pockets which is really handy!

Second and third on the list are tote bags and beach totes. You may not have heard them be called this before but I can assure you, they will be familiar to you. They are most commonly used as gifts for clients and usually come in a square shape with handles; they are usually made of cotton and similar materials such as polyester and nylon. They are very popular amongst females and the younger generation.

Fourth on the list are personalised laptop bags. These are the perfect gifts for any professional, person studying or anyone for that matter who uses a laptop. They look great when printed with a large logo and they really say something about your company when given away as a gift. On the other hand they can be sold at fundraisers at charity events. The great thing about these promotional bags is the person carrying the bag will carry your logo for you and become a walking advertisement. You, therefore win both ways... a happy client and a successful advertising campaign.

Fifth and finally on the list is printed backpacks also known as rucksacks. Companies such as www.promotionalproduct.co.uk offer a wide selection of this type of bag and they look fabulous when customised with a company logo and contact details. They are great promotional giveaways for kids and teenagers and are also very useful whether you are a full time mum, cyclist or gym member amongst many other things. There are many different styles and designs for a number of different people – all you need to do is decide which one suits your target audience the best. For more advice and information visit the above website.

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