25 Sep 2013

Printed bags are a must have for new shops

Starting a new business is always stressful and can be very complicated at times especially if you are new to the industry. It can be difficult to know how to get your name out there and raise brand awareness amongst a target audience that you don’t know how to reach out to. It is almost as though the minute you open your doors to the public you need to start advertising and telling people who you are.

The easiest way to do this is to invest in some quality printed promotional bags - ideally with your name, contact details and logo displayed clearly for all to see. It might also be a good idea to opt for a vibrant coloured bag that will catch the attention of customers and potential customers immediately. Many retail owners disregard the need for good quality printed carrier bags, but it is a highly important step to establishing the quality of your brand for a new business. It can be so frustrating for a customer if they buy goods from your shop and then find the free accompanying bag is useless and breaks on the way home! This is all too familiar when Tesco’s once changed their bags – it actually stopped me shopping there until they reverted back to the old brand! The customer needs a positive experience from start to finish if they are ever to spend money with you again!

It would be very easy to just supply your customer with a plain, impersonalised plastic carrier bag. Yes it would save money and could be delivered instantly but sometimes you need to spend a little to get something back! You would be missing out on an amazing opportunity to advertise your brand to the world and reach out to customers you never thought you had because let’s face it – printed bags are effective walking advertisements! By giving customers a plain bag you are missing the opportunity to remind your customer where your shop is and how they can contact you in the future when they leave the shop. Bags also can display a website address so customers can continue their shopping online.

Companies and websites such as www.promotionalproducts.co.uk are very helpful nowadays in helping companies to produce the right design for promotional bags and other personalised products. It is important to get the design right in order for your investment to be a success! You don’t want to purchase some quality printed bags and then rush the design that is printed on them, as it becomes a complete waste of time and money! The design could be too small and will be missed by existing and potential customers, which was probably the main objective in the first place!

Printed bags are a great place to start your advertising journey and you only need to look around to see how successful they are and how many companies are using the today.

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