1 May 2014

Been seen with branded mugs

In terms of marketing, promotional products have always been a popular choice amongst businesses. Promotional items range from promotional mugs to printed umbrellas to embroidered clothing to personalised keyrings. All of which increase and maximise brand awareness and exposure your company name in the best way possible. It has been proven over and over again that products such as promotional pens and printed mugs are the most successful in the industry!

Promotional mugs stand out the most because they are so versatile and practical. Who doesn’t use a mug to drink their tea or coffee on a daily basis? Very few I would say! From a marketing point of view, you want to give your potential or existing customer a personalised product that they can use in various settings and on a regular basis. The printed mug therefore, should be top of the agenda. Customers will use it daily and as a result will see your company name and logo and become familiar with it... which should hopefully generate future sales. The great thing about promotional mugs is that they can be used in the work place and at home and they are used by a variety of people. You may think you are just reaching out to your target audience but you are in fact reaching out to many more. It’s a known fact that useful promotional items will give your business name more opportunities to be seen.

There are many places where branded mugs can be seen. One popular venue is tradeshows and exhibitions. Mugs are often given out to entice customers in. Promotional mugs are slightly more expensive then promotional pens but they give the potential customer that ‘WOW’ factor when they realise they are being given one for free! This is the perfect way to ‘get a foot in the door’ with your customer and it’s an effective way of reminding people when the event is over – who you are and what you do! After seeing so many companies at a big event, it can be easy to forget names and contact details. Branded mugs don’t just have to be given out to potential or existing clients either. They can be used as employee incentives or ways to spread good news about your business. It’s surprising how such a simple thing can motivate an individual and enable them to become a ‘happier’ employee who will hopefully sell more as a result!

When it comes to business marketing, printed mugs are certainly very cost effective and provide great value for money. Companies such as www.promotionalproducts.co.uk offer a wide selection of mugs, all of which can be personalised with your company name and logo. They are certainly a great investment and will never let you down.


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