14 Apr 2014

Company branded pens - A customer keeper

Many companies are still in the dark about how popular personalised products are and how they can have a very positive effect on your business. Have a look around you now and see how many branded products there are... printed pens, personalised mugs, embroidered baseball caps and T shirts and letter headed paper! We may not be aware of it all – but it is certainly all around us! Promotional products not only resemble professionalism, they also help to raise brand awareness and aid familiarity of a product or company. This is especially helpful if you are starting up a new company or you need to create a buzz around a certain product or service.

Custom printed pens are a great, inexpensive way to get your image out there to all those hard to read customers because let’s face it everyone uses pens! They are a great way to market yourself and create maximum exposure. The great thing about printed pens is that they are so versatile. In this day and age you can source any pen you can imagine. They range from costing under 5p to over £20, but no matter how cheap or expensive the pen, the quality stays the same! The majority of pens are screen printed however the more top end executive pens are normally engraved!

It is always best to go on recommendation where promotional pens are concerned, because you want to get the most out of your budget and you want to feel assured that the people printing the pens will do a good job! Online companies such as www.promotionalproducts.co.uk are always a good option and provide great customer service too to answer any of those questions you may have about the process. Most companies will also offer better prices the more pens you buy.

The great thing about promotional pens is that they will always be used no matter where they are given out or who they have been sent to. If the recipient doesn’t use them- you can guarantee someone else will! This in itself is good marketing as the pen instantly becomes a walking advertisement for your company or brand. People are unconsciously taking in your company details without even knowing and storing them for future reference... quite clever really!

What is really important when investing in promotional pens is the print itself. Make sure your design is clear and bold for all to see. It will be a complete waste of time and money if you get this wrong and go straight to print without looking at a life size proof. The company you use should advise you accordingly and send this through. You should be able to sign it off or make any amendments that are needed.

For more information or advice on promotional pens, visit promotionalproducts.co.uk


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