12 Dec 2013

Engage more customers with Branded Mugs

Printed mugs are a great way of getting your name out there and maximising your brand exposure. In the current economic climate it is become increasingly hard to claw customers in and encourage them to spend money. At the end of the day everyone is after the best deal and a bargain – so if you can offer this against your competitors – you’ll be laughing! One way of reminding customers who you are is to send them a promotional gift or give out promotional giveaways at events. Branded mugs provide a great avenue for this. They offer potential customers something which they can use on a daily basis and something that really advertises your brand and reminds people of who you are and what you do.

It’s common knowledge that mugs are normally utilized for tea and coffee and other hot beverages but they are also used as very effective advertising tools. Mugs are always lying around the office, on desks, on shelves, in the hands of staff and offered to visitors on a regular basis. This means people are constantly in view of what’s written on the mug and if that’s your company name and contact details, they will be reminded about who you are on a regular basis. Not to mention your name will be exposed to a wider audience on a daily basis too. They are also the perfect promotional gift. Promotional mugs have a high perceived value and you can guarantee that whoever you give one too, it will be used (whether it be by them or their friends, colleagues, families!) The efficiency of such things helps make them more noticeable as opposed to others. Even though mugs can be a bit more expensive and costly in comparison with other promotional products like pens and keyrings, the advertising potential stands way above the rest.

Promotional mugs are not only given away as promotional gifts at Christmas and other special occasions, they are also present at tradeshows and conferences, seminars, product launches, business meetings and large corporate events. They are also given out to staff to boast team spirit and staff morale. If you compare the cost of purchasing some printed branded mugs to the cost of billboard advertising and other media outlet advertising – you are really getting longevity and value for money as mugs can be used for years and years. They are highly robust and durable.

The other great thing about printed mugs is that they come in an array of different styles, textures, designs and colours. There is always the perfect mug to suit any event as there are hundreds to choose from. Select a company such as www.promotionalproducts.co.uk and take a peek at their broad range. You can even upload your logo and see what it looks like virtually before you decide to buy. Once uploaded you can then amend, adjust and reposition until your heart’s content!

Promotional mugs are one of the best sellers in the industry so they are certainly worth it!

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