27 Jan 2014

Draw in more customers with printed drawstring bags

What would we do without the classic drawstring bag? In case you are not familiar with this type of promotional bag, they are perfectly formed lightweight bags with the fundamentally simple, yet clever design allowing you to close the bag with a simple pull of two strings. They are seen at many different locations including schools and colleges, tradeshows and exhibitions, product launches, gyms, offices and around homes AND they are always printed expertly with a company logo, name or image and contact details.

Printed drawstring bags are great crowd pleasers and you can guarantee that whoever you give one to, it will be used at some point and on a regular basis. The great thing about them is that they appeal to both genders and they do not discriminate with age. You often see school children carrying them around and you also see elderly people using them to collect their weekly shopping. The biggest reason as to why they are so popular is the fact that they are so robust. They are easy to store and they can carry a pretty heavy load. They can be placed over your shoulder or on your back meaning that the weight is distributed so they are more comfortable to hold. They are a superb addition to your gym kit as everything including your trainers, towel, iPhone, wallet and drinks bottle can all fit in nicely and then can easily be transferred into a small locker! They really are hassle free and something any customer would use for a number of years.

There are also so many different styles and designs to choose from – you don’t just have to opt for the traditional drawstring bag. There are many different brands that offer a variety of advantages. For example if you are backing a school fundraising campaign – you may want to include a promotional drawstring bag that features hi-vis reflective strips so that child safety is a priority. On the other hand you may want to promote your eco-friendly company policy and opt for a recycled drawstring bag which will last and then will be biodegradable at the end! The options really are endless and I can guarantee – there will always be something to suit every person, event and theme. Companies such as www.promotionalproducts.co.uk have a wide online selection to choose from and getting started couldn’t be easier!

Take a look at the premium drawstring bag on the above website. It is the perfect giveaway for any event and it comes in a range of vibrant colours. They are made from lightweight durable nylon and features purpose built PU corners which adds that additional strength and support. They look great when printed with a company name and logo and really live up to the reputation of a very successful promotional bag.

To learn more about these superb promotional bags – contact us direct and we can offer more helpful tips and advice!

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