16 Jan 2014

Promotional products boost sales performance

The business world is a scary place, particularly for new start-up companies. Initially it can be relatively easy to maintain your list of business contact but as businesses grow and competition increases, it can prove to be a tumultuous experience attempting to gain a wider customer reach whilst keeping on top of existing business without losing contacts through the cracks.

One great way to keep your contacts coming back for more is to provide them with an obvious way to keep your contact details to hand. In times gone by, one might have gone for something like a traditional business card or even a thank you card at Christmas time but with people being bombarded with so much junk mail and alike, a more practical item often proves more effective as a method of customer retention. Many charities employ this method by way of a small branded shopping list pad or similar.

There are many different promotional products available to help enhance the visibility of your brand or corporate identification. If you’re a small company operating out of a solitary high street store then perhaps providing visitors and customers with a promotional pen printed with your contact details and logo? The same concept applies if you’re a larger company too, for instance, a telecoms company responding to an emergency to restore connections may well send out engineers to sort the issue and if they’re responding promptly wearing high-vis reflective worktops with the corporate branding on gives of a professional and positive impression of the company.

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