6 Jan 2014

Great student motivators - printed seminar bags

Motivation is a key element in life. Think of a world where motivation was absent – what on earth would you be left with? ...people walking around like zombies with absolutely no drive in life and a place where excitement and anticipation is nonexistent. How awful it would be. I think we take it for granted sometimes how important this emotion is. It helps us to achieve in life from both a business point of view and a personal sense. If you have no motivation, life would be a pretty boring and mundane. Motivating someone can range from encouraging a sales team to perform... to inspiring a group of students to embrace their study or even persuading your child to get up and go to school in the morning. It is surprising how little effort you actually need to make in order to enthuse someone!

At this time of year, promotional companies receive numerous calls from colleges and universities in a bid to try to motivate their students into the next academic term! January is always a difficult time of year; the winter is in full swing, it starts getting dark at 4.30 in the afternoon, everyone has to return to work/ study after the holidays and your summer break seems a million light years away. Promotional products are a great way to get students motivated and thinking about what they need to achieve over the next few months. They are simply a way to help change your thinking and become focused on what’s to come. Here are a few ideas to get your students in the right frame of mind in 2014...

Promotional bags, such as printed seminar bags are great giveaways where students are concerned. They look good and because they are high quality, they last a life time! They also look fantastic when printed with a company name or university which can create a sense of worth and belonging. They can also be used for years to come in different situations.

Students always appreciate a calendar at the start of the year and if you have your company name printed on every month, then you are advertising your brand all year round which can only be a good thing. Student’s needs seem to revolve around a calendar – important term dates, holidays, exams and deadlines. They really are an essential printed promotional product.

Promotional pens are probably the most common promotional product found at student fayres and fresher weeks. Let’s face it – every student needs a pen. They are a great product because you can guarantee that they will be used even if it is not by the recipient. They are passed around and borrowed constantly - spreading your message like wildfire! For more ideas about student promotions – please visit www.promotionalproducts.co.uk.

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