27 Mar 2014

Drive sales using Printed Pens

It’s quite well known that printed promotional pens are one of the cheaper options where promotional products are concerned. However this does not reflect the impact they can have on a marketing campaign! Just because they are cheap has no bearing on them being low quality or an underdog in the promotional product industry. In fact, pens have been the best selling product in the UK for the past decade. Have a look around you now and see if you can spot a promotional pen – I bet you can and I bet there is more than one!

It is no secret that printed pens drive sales. They instantly raise brand awareness and help to make potential customers become familiar with your product or service. If a customer sees that a company has invested in promotional products and has received one for free, they are more likely to buy from your company than a random company they have had no relationship with. On the other hand, they are a great reminder to existing companies that you do still exist and act as a soft nudge to remind them of your contact details and your outstanding customer service!

Promotional pens work for a variety of reasons. Firstly they are affordable and you can get a lot for your money. Many printed pens are under 5p per pen and obviously get even cheaper when brought in bulk. If you think about what you are actually getting it’s pretty unbelievable. Not only are you getting a quality pen that will last you a life time – you are also getting instant advertising for a prolonged period of time. Let’s face it – you can’t even buy penny sweets for 5p nowadays! The other advantage is that there is such a variety of promotional pens to choose from. All you need to do is look up an online company such as www.promotionalproducts.co.uk and browse through their endless pages of pens. Metal pens, plastic pens, multi-functional pens, funky pens, low cost pens, executive pens, parker pens and fountain pens are just to name a few! All of which can be printed with your company logo and contact details for all to see.

Companies such as this offer a hassle free service, where they can help you to design the print on your pen to create maximum impact. They are the experts and they are happy to pass their knowledge onto you in the interest of your campaign being 100% successful!

There is no doubt that the performance of a pen makes them the perfect promotional item. They deliver fantastic results and a superb return on investment. Why not order a few samples today and see for yourself!

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