15 Aug 2013

Popular with schools: Promotional Mugs

September is drawing in and you can feel the tension amongst the school children as they are thinking about going back to school after six long weeks of relaxation and fun. However, the start of term is not all doom and gloom and it can be a welcomed rest for parents and a boast back into the reality of routine again. Teachers and headmasters will have been planning and thinking about ways to fundraise for schools for the up and coming year and promotional products are the answer on many occasions.

I could bombard you with facts about the shelf life of a personalised pencil or the advantages of the printed pen – but I think it’s time for something different! I think sometimes we all need to think outside the box a bit more. Schools are not always associated with children, there are teachers, parents, support staff and others who are all ready and waiting desperate to help out and raise funds to support the pupils. Therefore, promotional mugs are a great place to start. Promotional mugs are affordable and they provide a great return on investment. What is the first thing a staff member is going to do when they start back in September? The answer is simple... have a cup of tea or coffee and a catch up. Promotional mugs create that sense of team spirit – especially if they start the term with brand new sparkling uniform printed mugs with the school logo on. They are also great items to sell and school fairs and fundraisers. People want to make a difference and this is one way of doing so.

So let’s look at the advantages of a promotional printed mug. Firstly and most importantly, they continuously advertise your product and service whether you are education based of office based. Many people will see what’s written on the mug over a period of years as mugs are so practical and they have such a long shelf life. Secondly, They generate a direct response from whoever is using them – which is always a great point of conversation an raises brand awareness. Thirdly, they are very versatile, they can be carried from location to location, they can be used at home or in the work place and they are robust and trustworthy. The biggest advantage of all is the fact that they are a promotional product that is used on a daily basis and missed if not used. People become reliant on them and they become a part of everyday life!

To find out more about what promotional products can do for your school visit the website promotional products site.

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