1 Aug 2013

Printed mugs, glasses, cups & much more...

So the debate rages on is coffee good for you or bad for you? There seems there is so much evidence (good and bad) it’s hard to decide whether to keep drinking it or not. I have to say though, the thought of drinking a green tea at 7am before work – fills me with repulsion. I need my coffee in the morning which i enjoy drinking - not a herbal remedy! So looking at the facts its seems the caffeine in coffee may cut post gym muscle pain, it provides anti-oxidants to the body which is a good thing and it is even said to boast the female sex drive – so it’s obviously not all that bad. On the other hand it can keep you up all night, and too much caffeine is said in extreme cases can kill you! Now that’s quite a scary thought! I think with anything we all need to make our own decisions and do what we think is best.

What we need to keep in mind is that most people in the UK drink some description of a hot beverage in a printed mug most days of the year, whether it be coffee, tea, hot chocolate or green tea. Whether people admit it or not everyone has a preference for the mug that they use and if that mug has your company name all over it – all the better! Personalised mugs are a popular choice amongst clients as they are used on a regular basis and they complement the perfect style that appeals to corporate clients. The great thing about these promotional products is that they come in a variety of designs, styles, materials and colours that suit any event or occasion and they are affordable too.

The advantages for printed mugs, glasses and cups are endless! It’s safe to say that they continually advertise your products and services on a regular basis because it’s a fact that people need to drink throughout the day. Promotional mugs and cups also help to create maximum brand exposure so that people start getting familiar with your logo and trusting your brand. They are also versatile in the fact that they can be used both in the home and at the office – a continue reminder of who you re! They are also great gift ideas for special clients or even employees. Everyone likes to receive a free gift and if it’s one you can use over and over again then all the better.

Companies such as PromotionalProducts.co.uk can help you to design the perfect mug taking into consideration all your requirements and needs. Print mugs are certainly the way forward.

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