21 Aug 2013

Promotional Mugs are always effective at schools

With the school holidays coming to an end, I will never forget that feeling of disappointment as a child, when the month of September rears its ugly head! Perhaps that’s being a little melodramatic but I guess it’s no different to that Sunday night feeling of dread for Monday morning. The start of term for teachers and other school staff is a great time to get back into routine and put into play all those action plans devised over the summer months. Sometimes a simple fundraising event is all that is needed to raise the morale of the students and get things fired up for the year to come. Personalised promotional products are a great way to do this and raise money at the same time. Children and employees will enjoy supporting the school and will be proud to carry around promotional merchandise embellished with the school name and logo.

If you are after something a little different then why not think about investing in some promotional mugs. Mugs are a great way to get your message out there and with so many people drinking hot and cold beverages throughout the day – it’s no wonder they are so successful. Mugs can also reach out to a wide variety of people including the young and old. In a school scenario they can be given to staff members, children, governors, visitors, parents and people visiting the school fete! They promote the school well and get your message out there as even schools need to advertise.

Now, I know you are thinking a ceramic or a china mug isn’t ideal for a child/teenager and you would certainly be right. It’s all about type casting the right mug with the type of person. A plastic mug would be more appropriate for this target audience and we will soon discover the reasons why. Whenever someone mentions the word ‘plastic mug’, I do shudder slightly as the thought of drinking out of plastic. However, I have learnt that the whole concept of plastic mugs has changed and nowadays you wouldn’t know the difference. They are just as pleasurable to drink from. The great thing about plastic mugs is that they are hard wearing (perfect for children) boast a long life span as they are robust can withstand a lot of hard ware and they certainly leave a long lasting impression.

Adults on the other hand maybe wouldn’t be so happy to drink their morning wake me up coffee from a plastic mug and will definitely prefer a china or ceramic mug. Companies such as promotionalproducts.co.uk offer a whole range of products all of which can be personalised with the schools name and logo. A quick reminder of the fantastic school that your children belong to or a reminder of their contact details when you need to ring them about something!

Promotional mugs really are a great way to raise your schools awareness in the community.

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