27 Jan 2014

Draw in more customers with printed drawstring bags

What would we do without the classic drawstring bag? In case you are not familiar with this type of promotional bag, they are perfectly formed lightweight bags with the fundamentally simple, yet clever design allowing you to close the bag with a simple pull of two strings. They are seen at many different locations including schools and colleges, tradeshows and exhibitions, product launches, gyms, offices and around homes AND they are always printed expertly with a company logo, name or image and contact details.

Printed drawstring bags are great crowd pleasers and you can guarantee that whoever you give one to, it will be used at some point and on a regular basis. The great thing about them is that they appeal to both genders and they do not discriminate with age. You often see school children carrying them around and you also see elderly people using them to collect their weekly shopping. The biggest reason as to why they are so popular is the fact that they are so robust. They are easy to store and they can carry a pretty heavy load. They can be placed over your shoulder or on your back meaning that the weight is distributed so they are more comfortable to hold. They are a superb addition to your gym kit as everything including your trainers, towel, iPhone, wallet and drinks bottle can all fit in nicely and then can easily be transferred into a small locker! They really are hassle free and something any customer would use for a number of years.

There are also so many different styles and designs to choose from – you don’t just have to opt for the traditional drawstring bag. There are many different brands that offer a variety of advantages. For example if you are backing a school fundraising campaign – you may want to include a promotional drawstring bag that features hi-vis reflective strips so that child safety is a priority. On the other hand you may want to promote your eco-friendly company policy and opt for a recycled drawstring bag which will last and then will be biodegradable at the end! The options really are endless and I can guarantee – there will always be something to suit every person, event and theme. Companies such as www.promotionalproducts.co.uk have a wide online selection to choose from and getting started couldn’t be easier!

Take a look at the premium drawstring bag on the above website. It is the perfect giveaway for any event and it comes in a range of vibrant colours. They are made from lightweight durable nylon and features purpose built PU corners which adds that additional strength and support. They look great when printed with a company name and logo and really live up to the reputation of a very successful promotional bag.

To learn more about these superb promotional bags – contact us direct and we can offer more helpful tips and advice!

21 Jan 2014

Advertise on the move with promotional tote bags

It seems it has now become unfashionable to go shopping and use copious amounts of plastic bags to pack your shopping into. I would almost go as far as to say it has become more of a taboo – cashiers are offering fewer bags in an effort to encourage us to use less and many places are even charging for every bag used. Although it may be a little irritating at the time, we must bear in mind we are doing our bit for the environment and we are inevitably saving the planet! (Sounds like an excerpt from a Hollywood movie!)

There is no doubt that the printed promotional tote bag is making a big come back and its popularity is rising every day with the current economic climate. You may be thinking to yourself, “What on earth is a tote bag?” To be honest, it’s just a posh name for a cotton shopper bag with the classic square exterior and the long robust straps. If you are still unsure what these types of bag looks like – please visit www.promotionalproducts.co.uk and take a look at a few examples. It seems people love to carry them about because of their practicality, durability and convenience. They look good, are lightweight, are very cheap to purchase and last a lifetime. With this in mind, it is an intelligent decision for any company to invest in some personalised tote bags in order to promote their company name and contact details. They certainly do a great job and get your name out there amongst your competitors!

So what makes a shopping bag an ideal promotional tool? Well it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work out the answer! Promotional bags, such as these, boast a very large print area which is great news if you are trying to raise brand awareness. They are a great medium to spread the word and make every penny you spend worthwhile. Think about how many people will see you logo in front of their eyes – bold and inviting, subtly reminding people who you are and what you do! Also because of the quality material they are manufactured from the print looks great and lasts longer then on other textiles. The other obvious reason is that tote bags can be used for many things; carrying groceries, carrying books and files to work, packed lunches, gym kit – you name it, they can carry it. It’s a great way to flaunt your company name and reach out to both your target audience and anyone else who can see the bag. You also need to take into consideration the fact that compared to other types of promotional media – printing on tote bags is less expensive but is just as effective. The more bags you give to people, the more chance for your brand to be exposed. You really cannot lose if you invest in these promotional items.

For more information on promotional bags and printed items visit www.promotionalproducts.co.uk.

16 Jan 2014

Promotional products boost sales performance

The business world is a scary place, particularly for new start-up companies. Initially it can be relatively easy to maintain your list of business contact but as businesses grow and competition increases, it can prove to be a tumultuous experience attempting to gain a wider customer reach whilst keeping on top of existing business without losing contacts through the cracks.

One great way to keep your contacts coming back for more is to provide them with an obvious way to keep your contact details to hand. In times gone by, one might have gone for something like a traditional business card or even a thank you card at Christmas time but with people being bombarded with so much junk mail and alike, a more practical item often proves more effective as a method of customer retention. Many charities employ this method by way of a small branded shopping list pad or similar.

There are many different promotional products available to help enhance the visibility of your brand or corporate identification. If you’re a small company operating out of a solitary high street store then perhaps providing visitors and customers with a promotional pen printed with your contact details and logo? The same concept applies if you’re a larger company too, for instance, a telecoms company responding to an emergency to restore connections may well send out engineers to sort the issue and if they’re responding promptly wearing high-vis reflective worktops with the corporate branding on gives of a professional and positive impression of the company.

Why not explore how promotional products can be an effective ambassador for your brand today. Visit www.promotionalproducts.co.uk for more information.

14 Jan 2014

Promotional bags printed with your message are business enhancers

Promotional products have become more and more popular over the years and seem to be found all over the place nowadays... in petrol stations, in banks, garages, offices, at tradeshows, product launches and corporate days. Everywhere you look I can guarantee you will find a promotional pen, a printed paper product or even a printed key ring here and there! But the question is... do they really enhance your brand or are they a waste of time and money?

From a personal point of view and ten years’ experience, I would say they are certainly worthwhile and that they do help to create a buzz around your brand. They help a potential or existing customer to identify a company and as a result name recognition becomes apparent immediately. If people know who you are and can actively see other people buying from your company, they are more likely to make a purchase in the future. Secondly, recipients of promotional items such as promotional bags, clothing, printed giveaways and other forms of merchandise see your company in a more favourable light and of course they will because you have given them something for free which they can use on a regular basis! They really do create a positive impact on your company and if thought out well and researched, they can make a massive difference to your customer base and sales.

Printed promotional bags are a great way to get your name out there and online companies such as www.promotionalproducts.co.uk offer a HUGE selection of bags to suit all types of people and events. It is vitally important though that you research your target audience and find a bag which will benefit them in the long run. You need to consider your company budget, lifestyle of the recipients and what exactly you want printed on the bag. I also think it is imperative to offer a bag which is of good quality as this really says something about the status of your company. If you are providing your customers with a sub-standard bag, they may think this is how you operative and is an indication of the standard of the products that you provide.

The other great thing about promotional bags is that they come in such a variety of styles and designs. They are a functional way to promote brand awareness and a successful way of doing this. Most bags can be designed in any way, can be produced in any colour to suit your preference and can be sourced of any material (the most popular being eco-friendly brands).

I would even go as far to say that promotional bags are vital to any business brand and many companies have unfortunately fallen into the category of thinking that they are worthless and a waste of time. This is not the case, they are a unique and useful way to draw attention to your brand and get your name out there!

6 Jan 2014

Great student motivators - printed seminar bags

Motivation is a key element in life. Think of a world where motivation was absent – what on earth would you be left with? ...people walking around like zombies with absolutely no drive in life and a place where excitement and anticipation is nonexistent. How awful it would be. I think we take it for granted sometimes how important this emotion is. It helps us to achieve in life from both a business point of view and a personal sense. If you have no motivation, life would be a pretty boring and mundane. Motivating someone can range from encouraging a sales team to perform... to inspiring a group of students to embrace their study or even persuading your child to get up and go to school in the morning. It is surprising how little effort you actually need to make in order to enthuse someone!

At this time of year, promotional companies receive numerous calls from colleges and universities in a bid to try to motivate their students into the next academic term! January is always a difficult time of year; the winter is in full swing, it starts getting dark at 4.30 in the afternoon, everyone has to return to work/ study after the holidays and your summer break seems a million light years away. Promotional products are a great way to get students motivated and thinking about what they need to achieve over the next few months. They are simply a way to help change your thinking and become focused on what’s to come. Here are a few ideas to get your students in the right frame of mind in 2014...

Promotional bags, such as printed seminar bags are great giveaways where students are concerned. They look good and because they are high quality, they last a life time! They also look fantastic when printed with a company name or university which can create a sense of worth and belonging. They can also be used for years to come in different situations.

Students always appreciate a calendar at the start of the year and if you have your company name printed on every month, then you are advertising your brand all year round which can only be a good thing. Student’s needs seem to revolve around a calendar – important term dates, holidays, exams and deadlines. They really are an essential printed promotional product.

Promotional pens are probably the most common promotional product found at student fayres and fresher weeks. Let’s face it – every student needs a pen. They are a great product because you can guarantee that they will be used even if it is not by the recipient. They are passed around and borrowed constantly - spreading your message like wildfire! For more ideas about student promotions – please visit www.promotionalproducts.co.uk.