22 Jul 2013

Budget ideas to raise company awareness

People are saying that this era is the time to start a new business as there has never been a cheaper time to advertise and optimise your marketing objectives. It appears that it is cheaper than ever before for you to get your name out there and get noticed! Even companies with small budgets are managing successfully to rapidly raise brand awareness and create a buzz around their products and services. The key to success is to be creative and clever with your branding and do your homework before you launch your campaign! You need to be on the ball and do a bit of research to find out the best low cost marketing opportunities. Here are just a few suggestions.

Think about becoming familiar will social network sites, the obvious ones being Facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram and google+. They are fantastic ways to raise brand awareness for next to nothing. Connecting with these sites can help you connect and interact successfully with customers, build relationships with clients and most importantly increase brand awareness. Admittedly it takes time and effort to build up your profile but at the end of the day the rewards outweigh everything! They are a modern way to connect with your target audience.

The other obvious way to raise company awareness is to optimize your search engine traffic. This may cost you a little more than the other suggestions in this article but the internet and websites are certainly the way forward. If you get this area sorted now, it will be just a case of maintaining and updating. You will quickly become a respected and well established internet company within no time. The best way to do this is to get the advice of a professional. Go to a company that specialises in SEO and ask them to analyse your site and suggest a few recommendations. Or... you could go on a course yourself and learn the basics.

Low cost promotional products are another great way to raise brand awareness. They reach out to all your customers whether they have the internet or not and the massive advantage with promotional items is that they are tangible! There is such a choice to choose from as well. Printed mugs, personalised pens, keyrings, mousemats even umbrellas, all of which can be printed with your company details at a very affordable cost.

Finally, my last point is based around offering incentives to customers who send referrals. You need to give your customer a reason to tell other people about your company. Word of mouth is priceless and a superb way to build a good reputation and gain more customers. Offering existing customers a small reward for doing this is a great way to stand out in the crowd when you’re on a budget!

So there you are... you don’t need to spend much to make a difference!

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