10 Jul 2013

How charities can increase profitability through fundraising.

Without charities in our lifetime the world would certainly be a difference place - and in my eyes not a better one. Sometimes you need to give something back and it certainly feels good to do so. With so many needy causes, there are many non – profit organisations which help to try to combat poverty, cruelty, illness and research around the world however, they do all rely on public donations, enthusiastic volunteers and successful fundraising campaigns. It’s important to get these right in the first place to enable successful charities to make as much money as possible for the cause. They certainly provide a unique role in the community they serve.

When considering and planning a fundraising event it is important to look at the figures and make sure they are water tight. You need to think about what will raise great funds, awareness and what will leave a long lasting impression when the event is over. Creative fundraising seems to be the key! You need to set yourself apart from the other charities so that people decide to give their hard earned cash to you and not anyone else – although this does sound harsh when we are talking about people in need. Comic relief is a great example of creative fundraising and they raise millions every year! Yes... they do have the capital in the first place but perhaps you need to invest first to create the rewards! Example of creative fundraising include celebrity appearances at events so that more people are encouraged to come – and you never know they may do it for nothing considering it’s for a good cause!

Promotional products are also a great way to increase profitability through fundraising and they are a cheaper option then perhaps an organised celebrity event. Investing in some quirky giveaways such as printed bugs are a great way to raise money and awareness and they cost so little in the first place, they are a no brainer. They are also fun and appropriate for both children and adults and because they are sticky, they literally hang about raising awareness for months to come after the event is over. If this is something you are considering you should take a look at promotionalproducts.co.uk for some helpful tips and ideas.

The more diverse and different the fundraising event you plan, the more profit you will make. You need to make yourself unique and distinct from others so that people look forward to attending and are more willing to give to a worthy cause. Items such as promotional pens have proven a great value investment. Cow pat lottery (dividing a field in to a grid and allowing a cow to graze and then respond to natures call) is a great country style event that raises money for charities and is still fun and exciting for all taking part.

Fundraising is a fun way to raise profits and if it’s done correctly you will reap the rewards!

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